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To See You Again

© 1993 Neal Gladstone

I was walking down a crowded steeet on a summer aftemoon
When I heard somebody laughing the way you used to do
I tried to keep from staring and I pulled my eyes away
But I could feel you there beside me like it was yesterday

And it would be so good to see you again
To look into your eyes my beautiful friend
To hear the sound of your voice and feel the touch of your hand
It would be so good to see you again

In the early years we lived our dreams in restless poetry
The future shined with our design as far as we could see
We spent those days so carelessly but then I never knew
That time would come to take me so far away from you

Life goes on and the years roll by
What I would not give to see you one more time

When I look back upon my life and who I've come to be
I find that there's a part of you in every part of me
I miss you in so many ways and yet when I recall
The echo of your laughter I miss you most of all

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