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Throat Man

© 1990 Neal Gladstone

If your nose is drippin and your throat is sore
If your ears are ringin and your eyesight's poor
I am the doc on the block you should be looking for cause I'm the
Eye ear nose and throat man
I'm the best in the business and it's not hard to see
Everything above the neck is my specialty
So don't mess with the rest come directly to me cause I'm the
Eye ear nose and throat man
Think of my position
As your personal physician
I'll advise you on nutrition
Sweeten your condition
Cause I consider it my mission
To enhance your disposition
Reduce your inhibition
Yeah I'm a medical magician
I can bolster your defenses I can rectify your ills
With the proper combination of therapy and pills
A hundred happy customers are glad to pay my bills cause I'm the
Eye ear nose and throat man
When you come in for consultation--there is no obligation
We'll discuss the situation in total relaxation
I'll give you an examination--prescribe some medication
Soon there'll be confirmation--Of complete recuperation
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