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The Party

© 1986 Neal Gladstone

Well I went to a party in Beverly Hills
All the people were cool, hip and groovy
There were beautiful women who longed to be loved
It was just like an X-rated movie
The music started to play
And everyone got up to dance
I was taking a thread off my pants
When I saw her
She was wearing more make up than Zsa Zsa Gabor
And her beauty left something desired
But to my amazement she started to dance
Like the ovens of hell had been fired
From the moment I met her
She just kept getting better
O how could I forget her
When I saw that she knew
All the latest dances
Well I went in the bathroom to check out my hair
And I squirted some musk on my ear lobe
And when I came out she was thrashing around
Like a cat that had jumped on a wood stove
Well we danced every dance past a quarted to three
Till my legs were like neoprene rubber
And I said to myself "Gee thank God for my health."
As I danced with my Amazon lover
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