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Springtime Cares

© 1974 Neal Gladstone

Springtime Cares
Everybody out in folding chairs
Greens are steaming, sun is screaming down
Rain or shin, everybody up for wasting time
Juices flowing, love is going round
Some are looking forward to the summer
Looking white behind their Polaroids
Me and Mike are looking for a drummer
Cuz we're painfully, gainfully unemployed
As springtime grows, everybody out in open toes
Kites are cracking, bluebirds back in town
Change the clocks, celebrate the vernal equinox
Legs are showing, ten-speeds slowing down
We've been waiting round for warmer weather
We've been wearing down in frozen gloom
Wouldn't care if winter left forever
Cuz we're out the door looking for things to bloom
Springtime fades everybody putting on their shades
Grass is burning, skins are turning brown
Staying cool, lots of babies splashing in the pool
Bees are buzzing, ferns are fuzzing
Fans are flipping, kids are dripping
Time for flying dandelion down.
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