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Self-Righteous Stanley

© 1992 Neal Gladstone

We're self-righteous Stanley and self-righteous Sue
We live on self-righteous avenue
You know you could be self-righteous too
As long as you believe what we do
If you suffer from confusion
We have the ideal solution
We can offer you a guarantee
Of freedom from uncertainty
Just accept our dogma mindlessly
And ignore the Constitution
We maintain a close inspection
Of unauthorized affection
As the guardians of morality
It's our responsibility
To violate your privacy
For your own protection
To protect you from corruption
We'll defy the court injunction
Since you have no shame or self-control
It's up to us to save your soul
And take a more directive role
In your reproduction
If you're looking for salvation
We have inside information
Invest with us and rest assured
Your pains and problems will be cured
Your place in heav'n can be secured
With a large enough donation
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