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Seed in Muh Teeth
© 1987 Neal Gladstone
Well my love made me a sandwich with lots of raspberry jam
I thanked her most profusely cause that's the kinda guy I am
Well I took a bite and chewed it down
I rolled a soggy wad around
I really dug the crunchin sound
And when I was done I said, "Hon...
I got a seed in muh teeth and I just can't get it outa there
Well try as I might it's in so tight
And no matter what I do it's stuck like glue
Yes indeed (Whew w-w-whew)
I got a seed in muh teeth WELL
I looked into the mirror and I gave myself a scare
That seed was jammed in tighter than a rock star's underwear
Well I picked and tongued and brushed and cleaned
With dental floss and Listerine
With Spic and Span and Mr. Clean
And when I was done I said, "Hon....I
Well I went to see the dentist man and told him what was wrong
He pulled a giant needle out15 inches long
Well first he yanked my jaws apart
I screamed like hell and I bit him hard
He asked me for my mastercard
And when he was done he said "Son...you
Well I flew right down to Trinidad to see a gypsy woman
My Uncle Deek he told there this kind of thing is common
Well she made me drink a stinky brew
Of lizard balls and camel pooh
My hair fell out my tongue turned blue
And when she was done she said, "Mun...
Well I lost weight and got depressed - it was quite alarmin
Then one day my Uncle Deek said "Boy, you should take up farmin
Well, I filled my cheeks with corn and rice
They grew like mad to my surprise
I never had to fertilize
And I cross pollinize while I'm kissin
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