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Savings and Loan

© 1991 Neal Gladstone

Are you tired of the same old grind

Where you scrimp and you work overtime

And in the end some other guy

Gets rich off what you do

Well take a little tip from me

Someone with your ability

Should take the opportunity

That's waiting here for you


If you want to start a little business that you can call your very own

Just call up your friendly congressman on your touch tone telephone

Send him a case of the best champagne    

Write out a check to his campaign              

Quick as a wink you'll have your very own

Savings and Loan


It's the chance of a lifetime, a deal you can't afford to miss   

You keep all the profits and the tax payers take all the risk

And if you get into a jam

You can always count on your uncle Sam

It's the sweetest scam you've ever known

Savings and Loan


Deregulation is sweeping the nation 

America's the land of the free

There's plenty of credit so come on and get it

You're backed up by the FDIC


Now nobody's gonna to blame ya if you make a few mistakes

And do some speculation in high risk real estate

And if those loans should all go bad 

The taxpayers will pick up the tab

And repay the billions that you've blown 

On your S & L


These deals won't be around forever. You better get em while they last

Cause your friendly treasury department is running out of money fast

But once your foot is through the door

They can always print some more

Soon you'll be as rich as Al Capone

In your Savings and Loan


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