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Pain Pain Pain
© 1982 Neal Gladstone
You're a practical man with your feet firmly on the earth
You're the kind of man who says that love's more trouble than it's worth
Then one day you meet a sweet young thing,
a little kiss and a walk in the rain...
You can go or stay, but either way, there's gonna be some pain
Pain, pain, pain, everybody knows it by name
It's the final verse, the ancient curse,
the weight at the end of the chain
Pain, pain, pain, it's enough to drive a body insane
But it's the price of life, so why should I complain?
You're a hard-working man, then a rich uncle passes away
Now you don't want to blow your new-found dough so you hire a CPA
You were poor before, but at least you could sleep
Now you worry about that capital gain
The market falls, your broker calls
You're gonna have some pain
Sticks and stones can break your bones
And nasty words can hurt you
And no used part can mend your heart
When one you love deserts you
And ad campaigns and fast food chains
Are always there to con you
While various bacteria feed on you
You're a family man, just trying to do what's right
But you lose your job, get a little drunk, and stay out late one night
Your wife decides to leave you, and your son joins the army in Spain
It's not your day, what can I say, you're gonna have some pain
Pain pain pain everybody knows it by name
It's the final verse, the ancient curse, the kidney stone, the broken bone
The market crash, the stolen cash, the dentist drill, the doctor bill
The night in jail, the bathroom scale, the losing horse, the third divorce,
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