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Ordinary Life

© 1986 Neal Gladstone and Bob Behling

I'm and ordinary person
Drifting through this universe
Where I come from where I go
How I got here I don't know
I don't have much but I've go plenty
Lots of people don't have any
I share a house with wife and cat
Now who could ask for more than that
Ordinary life I don't mind it
Ordinary life's alright with me
Ordinary life is where you find it
I don't mind the ordinary life
Sometimes I get out of touch
Sometimes I have drink too much
Me and the wife we have a fight
But we make up and it's alright
Smiling preacher on TV
Tells me what I should believe
For salvation when I die
If I am not satisfied
Life for some is not so sweet
They don't have enough to eat
We ask you to lend a hand
But what you do is what you can
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