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Officer Bradford

© 1988 Neal Gladstone

I was driving home late from a party
I was having a wonderful time
With the radio up, the windows rolled down
And romance on my mind
When I saw something flash in the mirror
I looked back and what did I see
It was a big, black, shiny patrol car
Doing a light show for me
I pulled over on to the shoulder
An officer walked to my car
How handsome he looked, as he opened his book
In his boots and his shiny gold star
The traffic around us was stopping
To watch us as they went by
With his big, black, shiny patrol car
Flashing like the 4th of July
His arms were so strong and his eyes were so blue
He said "Where's that big fire that your goin to?"
Hold me for questioning I won't resist
I want to be on your most wanted list
Officer Bradford is hot on my trail
Cuff me and take me to jail
I had surrendered and was ready to go
When a voice crackled over his radio
Someone was robbing a grocery store
He jumped in his squad car and slammed the big door
His powerful engine came on with a roar
With his sirens screaming and his foot to the floor
He went racing off to the scene of the crime
Leaving hot rubber behind
Officer Bradford oh where have you been
I dream every night that you'll stop me again
I thought of a way I could find you
And I have a very good plan
Now when I go past, where you stopped me last
I always drive as fast as I can
I know that some day you will catch me
And ask me to go for a ride
In your BBSPC
With all that equipment inside
Officer Bradford put me up on your screen
If you take me in don't you know I'll come clean
Officer B. we could have so much fun
Blowing your siren and shooting your gun
Officer Bradford is hot on my tail
Cuff me and take me to jail
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