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© 1996 Neal Gladstone
It's dawn you wake you feel the ache
A need you can't conceal
You leave your bed thoughts fill your head
With Oooooatmeal
It's warm, it's gray it starts your day
It's dense it's cheap it's real
No salt no fat, and less than that
It's Ooooooooooat meal
Turgid slurry, pale and thick
Lays in your stomach, like a brick
That's what life is all about
Fills you up and cleans you out
Each glob you scrape across your plate
Exqui- sitely congealed
Exquisitely deliciosly a marvel of viscosity
Enfolds your spoon in/with a glue cucoon
It's Ooooooooot meal
Build a castle on a hill
Fill a moat with cream
Raisin soldiers line the bridge
Here comes the queen
Oh sacred grain I can't explain
The strength of your appeal
Until I die I will rely
On Oooooooooooooooatmeal
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