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© 1979 Neal Gladstone

There's a place our leaders know
Its code name is Oasis
It's 2000 feet below
The White House of all places
A magic palace underground
Where all the comforts can be found
In case the Russians get around
To trying to erase us
Self contained in every way
And totally protected
That's why our leaders get so brave
Once they have been elected
Gourmet food and vintage wines
Astrograss and plastic pines
Movies, golf and concubines
Should they become dejected
Oh Oasis it's a comfort knowing
When the earth is barren, burnt
And glowing
Our great leaders will survive
To keep our way of life alive
Satisfied that we made
A good showing
So let's all live in constant fear
That someone will attack us
And build a million bombs a year
Lest our defense relaxes
And if at last we go to war
Well that's what our defense is for
And that should prove forever more
They didn't waste our taxes
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