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Music to the People
© 1980 Neal Gladstone

When I woke up this morning my head was full of those fine inspired lines
A song was coming down in perfect color tones the way they say it does sometimes
But by the time I got to a pen and tried to call those lines again
The morning fog was rolling in and turned the colors gray
And they faded away

A life on the road is a hard life it will make you tired and old
Puttin in your time and going deaf and blind in the smoke and the rock and roll
But when I ask myself once more what the hell I do this for
Well by now I should know the score I just have to play
It's the only way

You've got to get the music to the people
Keep em smiling
You've got to get the music to the people
Hope they sing along

Well I don't know what the future's bringing
Grief and trouble or laughter ringing
But we can make it if we keep on singing
Music to the people yeah

If the devil asked me would I'd trade my soul for the chance to be a star
Should I make the deal even though I know just how slim those chances are
Would I give up all those nights just to see my name in lights
And if everything went right I'd be on my way
This is what I’d say


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