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Goin' to the Landfill

© 2001 Neal Gladstone

Well we’re goin to the landfill

Why don’t ya meet us at the landfill

Things are comin to a standstill

In every other part of town

They’re puttin up a band shell 

They’re passin out a handbill

Yeah we’re going to the landfill

And we’re gonna have a real good time


There’s gonna be a demonstration

Against a major corporation

For repeated violation

Of environmental rules

We’re gonna press for litigation/

There’s gonna be a confrontation

And every television station 

Is gonna put us on the news




Well a handsome politician

Will make a critical decision

To establish a commission

To consider the complaint

He’ll do a big investigation

Collect a lot of information

He’ll introduce some legislation

And nothings gonna change



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