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Kitty Holiday
© 1985 Neal Gladstone
Hello, Dear Clementine and Fritzi
It seems like ages since I wrote
But even though we've all be so very busy
I just had to drop you cats a note
August 4th my Tommy's turning 7
Poor boy he thinks he's getting gray
We have a party planned
Come join us if you can
Leave town, fly down
For the Kitty Kitty Holiday
We're so busy making preparations
Candy's called the caterers from Queens
We even had the woodshed stocked with church mice
For those who like that kind of thing
Norton hired the TipTop Tabby Dance Band
You know how well those cats can play
We're looking forward to
Having a dance with you
Circle the date, come celebrate
The Kitty Kitty Holiday
We've ordered tuna fresh from Laguna
It's very good this year they say
I know a lion who lives in Zion
Who says he's dyin to keep the dogs away
(He's really just a pussy)
Uncle Manx is flying down from Pittsburg
Lately he's been into Chairman Meow
But when he smells
Aunt Jezabel's lobster newburg
I doubt he'll ask for kitty chow
You know he had distemper in December
The vets tell us he'll be okay
He'd love to see you all
Why not give him a call
He'll be fine in plenty of time
For the Kitty Kitty Holiday
We'll get our dairy from Cousin Harry
He asks about you every day
He had a bad trip and almost had to quit
Just too much catnip, I'm afraid
(it really is a pity)
We took in a movie by Fellini
Up at Cannes it made the critics rave
I thought the plot was good
But not worth that howling
Tom says he's not into Mew Wave
I guess that's all the news that is amusing
And I've got this salmon to filet
We miss you very much
Be well and keep in touch
Stay cool and we'll see you
At the Kitty Kitty Holiday
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