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I'll Do It
© 1987 Neal Gladstone
What am I doing here
You've made it very clear
That I should disappear
Alright , I'll do it
I gave you all I had
But you still treat me bad
Guess I should call a cab
Alright I'll do it
When you asked me to make love to you
In cycle boots with diapers on my head
I did it
When you tied me down with paperclips
And made me eat potato chips in bed
I did it
I sit by the telephone
Work on my muscle tone
Should I try silicone
Alright, I do it
My doctor says that I'm depressed
I should be friends with other men instead
Forget it
When other men ask me to spend
The night with them I always say drop dead
They do it
Heaven knows I have tried
To keep you satisfied
Now I'm thinking suicide
Alright, I'll do it

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