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Heavy Metal Heavy

© 1986 Neal Gladstone

Well I'm a heavy metal rocker
High above the crowd
I don't have too much talent
But I sure can play loud
Twelve year olds go crazy
When I do my stuff
I don't have to sing so good
If my pants are tight enough
And I'm a heavy metal heavy
Cut you to the quick
Heavy metal heavy
Tryin to make you..make you
Make you sick
Now metal rock aint easy
As everybody thinks
You know these chains get heavy
You know this leather shrinks
You got to lose your hearing
You got to learn to dance
But you know that aint so easy
With a sausage in your pants
Now if you want to make it
You got to have a plan
Scream without a reason
Be obnoxious as you can
Eat a cocker spaniel
Act completely nuts
The kids will buy your records
If their parents hate your guts
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