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© 1999 Neal Gladstone

There once was a time we were wild and free
I thought we’d never be parted
But then the years went drifting by
And you slipped away from me

Where in the world have you gone to
Hair Hair I wish you were there
Life is so lonely without you

And who would have known
when you were thick and fine
That I would be losing you one at a time

Poets write love poems about you
Hair hair I just want my share
Life is so lonely without you

I cursed when you wouldn’t lie down
But I was so foolish I didn’t know then
That I would be joining the Hair Club for Men

  Others abuse and mistreat you
Hair Hair they don’t even care
They strip you and shave you and tease you

I washed you with K mart shampoo
But if you’d forgive me and come back to stay    
I’ll brush you and stroke you till you’re old and gray 

Hair Hair I’m in despair
Come back to me I beseech you
Hair Hair answer my prayer
Life is so lonely without you
Life is so lonely without you


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