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American Dawg

© 1990 Neal Gladstone
I stand 2 foot 3 I weigh 29 pounds
My teeth are yellow and my eyes are brown
I got a four inch nose stickin' out of my face
And if you're lookin' for trouble, you come to the right place cause
I'm an American dog: DAWG
I'm man's best friend so you better not mess with me
I was born in an alley in the freezin cold
My mama left me when I was six weeks old
My daddy was a drifter till he ran outa luck
Had a difference of opinion with a Chevrolet truck
The neighborhood ladies they know what I got
My nose may be cold but my blood is hot
Don't put me on a leash, I don't like to be confined
Cause I'm the 7th son in a litter of nine
You better feed me good, you better treat me right
Or I'll pee on your rug, and I'll bark all night
I'm an American dog that's the way I am
Don't give me none of that dry food--I like the stuff in the can
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