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Drummer of My Dreams

© 1994 Neal Gladstone

The night is lonely the clock strikes three
I sit here playing with my drum machine
And wonder where he can be
The drummer of my dreams
He won't be hostile and he won't take drugs
He won't drop cigarette butts on my rugs
He'll have some self esteem
The drummer of my dreams
I'd be breathless I'd be dazzled
I'd go out of my mind
It would be heaven
If I could find someone
Who could actually keep time
He won't be hyper he won't play too fast
He won't use sticks the size of baseball bats
He won't be seventeen
The drummer of my dreams
He wouldn't have to be a great musician
Just have some taste and a little precision
And not get plastered during intermission
Where can he be
Oh Lord above is it so much to ask
For someone who is not a psychopath
Someone mature and clean
The drummer of my dreams
Maybe this summer I'll find the drummer of my dreams
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