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© 1994 Neal Gladstone, Barbara Gladstone
When your heart is filled with wishes
When you tire of life's routine
When you see your life dissolving
In a television screen
There's a world of hidden pleasure
True romance and high adventure
Waiting for the one who holds the key
It can all come true all you have to do is dream
You can be
Anybody's secret lover
Sail on rivers of champagne
Search the stars with Galalleo
Light the first Olympic flame
Write poetry in Portugese
with Baudelaire and Socrates
And know what you know now at 17
It's waiting there for you all you have to do is dream
You can ride brontosaurus
Through a great primeval forest
And swim the Sea of Tranquility
If you should be inclined
Go strolling through the crystal dunes of
Saturn's undiscovered moons
Where turquoise sand and ink lagoons
Grow orchids to the sky
You can go
Hunting with a pride of lions
Swim the oceans with a whale
Soar above the Andes Mountains
On a giant condor's tail
Dance beneath the mistletoe
With Juliet and Romeo
And drink a toast with Shakespeare to the queen
It's waiting there for you when you fall into your dreams
Feel the bonds of time release you
Slip away where no one sees you
To a world exquisite and serene
It's waiting there for you all you have to do is dream
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