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Dodge Dart Dirge

© 1988 Neal Gladstone
There's a brown 67 sedan standing in the rain
With a blown transmission and a broken timing chain
She used to take me everywhere I went
Now her doors are rusted and her rods are bent
Why'd you have to break my heart? Dodge Dart
I was driving to Philomath on the day of tragedy
I had the radio on and I was tuned to KOAC
Well I turned the corner and I heard a pop
Then the engine went dead and I rolled to a stop
Half a mile from Dairy Mart Dodge Dart
Oh little Dodgie oh little Dodgie
What am I gonna do
Oh little Dodgie oh little Dodgie
I guess I'll buy a Subaru
Well I told my friends that you'd never let me down
Now how am I ever gonna show my face in town
She died so young I had to weep
Someone make me an offer and I'll sell her cheap
I guess I wasn't so smart Dodge Dart
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