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Dodge Dart

© 1986 Neal Gladstone

Now everybody wants to prove how hip they are
So they borrow up the wanger and they buy a brand new car
In the first 3 days there's a dent in the trunk,
By the time they pay it off it's a piece of junk
When are they gonna get smart? Dodge Dart

I've got a brown '67 sedan with a big slant six
Well it burns a little oil but it's mighty cheap to fix
She starts up easy when the engine's cold
The cops don't bug me cause they think I'm old
She owns a little piece of my heart Dodge Dart

Go little Dodgie, go little Dodgie, you know I like your style
Go little Dodgie, go little Dodgie, another 50,000 miles
(go Dodge Dart, my little Dodge Dart)

So please don't brag about the brand new car you own
Cause I can drive to Argentina for the interest on your loan
She's got 4 bald tires and a hole in the seat
but with her lifters clickin' she's the queen of the street
I'll drive her till she falls apart Dodge Dart

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