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1985 Neal Gladstone
Force feed 50 bowling balls with mud
And watch a Greek reactionary chew his cud
He lost his head and went to bed
With submarine and crew
Babe am I too crazy for you
I had a blond cadaver in for tea
We chewed the fat and tried to play Monopoly
He grew a beard and disappeared
On Baltic Avenue
Babe am I too crazy for you
A man in Michigan gave birth to a baked Alaska
They held a benefit to see if he could fly
With toothpaste in his eye
Cram a bleached salami in your ear
And dress a can of midget lips in scuba gear
If I were you and you were me
We'd both be in a zoo
Babe am I too crazy for you
I sent a ton of broken rubberbands to China
I asked a herd of baby onion rings to dance
A Harlequin Romance
I spent a week in Cleveland eating clay
And taught the Russian army how to macrame`
I took a pee in Tennessee
And nearly caught the flu
Babe am I too crazy for you
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