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Country Cliche

1985 Neal Gladstone

My baby treated me bad
She took all the money we had
She moved to Honolulu to live with a guru
She found in a magazine ad
Tomorrow the rent payment's due
My job at the factory fell through
But I won't dispair I'm gonna pull up a chair
And do what them songwriters do
I'm gonna write me a
Country cliche, a country cliche
Cuz I need a hit in a very bad way
Radio please won't you play
My country cliche
In all my dreams your face appears
Your pillow is soaked with my tears
It hurt so today when the man called to say
Our new bedroom set's in at Sears
I don't know just where we went wrong
I tried so hard to get along
But I'm not denying it might be worth the crying
If I could get rich off this song and write me a
Now you can write a hit song too
Just don't put in too much that's new
And stick to the rhymes
You've heard ten thousand times
So we can sing all the words first time through
And if your true love leaves you cold
And looking at "Playboy" gets old
Don't think it's the end, just pick up a pen
And turn your depression to gold
And write you a...
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