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Cool Maroon

1987 Neal Gladstone and Fred Child

Now I'm a guy who's been a-round the block a time or two
And I can't help but notice what you're wear-ing
Now if you want so-phisti-cated girls to look at you
You'd better try to dress a bit more daring
Now white is al-right and gray is O-K
But if you want those pretty cit-y chicks to swoon
Step out of those blues
Get your-self into some different hues
And slip into some cool ma-roon
Now Mother nature blushed the day that Jack laid eyes on Jill
"Holy cow!" he said, "This chick's astounding!"
When he chased her up that hill
He thought he was in for a thrill
And heaven knows his little heart was--pounding
But Jill was not impressed
She didn't dig the way he dressed
That romance flopped when she popped his balloon
Now Jackie boy struck out
Between you and me there is no doubt
He should have dressed in cool maroon
Now when you make your way
Down the Champs Ely-see'
A million gay Parisiennes will a-dore ya
They all under-stand vous etes ameri-cains
When you let your poly-esters do your talkin for ya
Now the Ruskies and the Yanks
They've really had their ups and downs
And everybody wants negotiations
They advertize their missile size
And throw their weight around
Hey that's no way to smooth out our relations
Why don't they get hip and drop this crazy ego trip
If you want those Muskovites to change their tune
Chuck those ugly threads
If you want to turn their heads
Negotiate in cool maroon
We're talking some kind of red
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