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Cheatin' on Me
© 1993 Neal Gladstone
I'm in here drinkin Cause I in here thinkin
Bout you out there cheatin on me
And in this cunundrum I find myself wonderin
How I could have been so naive
My friends gave me warnin but I just ignored em
I wore my poor heart on my sleeve
I guess only cupid could make me so stupid
And blind as a damn fool can be
So hey ho set em up Joe,
And pour me another surprise
And I'll be contented to sit here fermented
And curse you till the day that I die
Verse 2
Now I've had my share of pain and despair
Now I've had my portion of pain and misfortune
But I never felt this low before
And in this condition I find myself wishin
I could fall through the cracks in the floor
And when I get sober sometime next October
I might wander back to this bar
And drain the place empty and toast to the memory
Of what a cruel devil you are
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