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Calm Cool and Collected

©1985 Byron Walls

When heavy decisions come up I don't have to think twice
I'm so together Ann Landers writes me for advice
When world leaders get in a mess
I'm the expert they always request
For me nothin's hard and on my business card it says
Calm cool and collected
In a car or a plane at home on the street on the job
Whatever the question, hey, I've got the answer, no prob
No matter how bumpy the ride
I can take every chuck hole in stride
What can I say I was born that way
Calm cool and collected
Verbal abuse leaves me mostly just mildly amused
Tell me to jump in the lake I just smile and refuse
I know how to pull out a plane when it pitches and rolls
When he's in a tight spot Chuck Yeager hands me the controls
He knows when he’s in a jam
To call on the better man
Nothin's too tough if you've got the right stuff and you're
Calm cool and collected
The first lady says no one's as charming as me
If I weren't so modest I guess I'd be forced to agree
With ten seconds left in a game that one basket will win
The crowd has no doubt as to which one the coach will put in
I dribble pivot and set
My impossible shot clears the net
The crowd goes berserk when I go to work so
Calm cool and collected
When Clapton needs needs some cool bars
He asks me to bring my guitar

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