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By the Sea

© 1979 Neal Gladstone
One fine day we drove away
Over to the ocean
We packed up a lunch
And a snack to munch on the way
The sun was high and so was I
So I put on some lotion
Burnin' again and
Thankin' Mama N for this lovely day
Oh we had a wonderful time
The beaches were in perfect condition
Oh the only thing on my mind
Was how to find a comfy position
By the sea, by the beautiful sea
You can see for a hundred miles
Every drop every grain
Splashed around in my brain
As I stand in the sand by the sea
By the beautiful sea
Then we went in, felt our skin
Turn from flesh to frozen
We giggled and flinched
Groaning every inch of the way
Oh we had a wonderful time
Sharing the beach with the seagulls
Oh you know I didn't even mind
Losing my lunch to a beagle