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© 1982 Neal Gladstone
You wake up in the morning
You crack a scarlet eye
You drank too much
And went to bed too late
Your health is in the blender
It's time to make a change
You never will till you appreciate
The way the body works
You go to see a doctor
He fits you in his routine
He makes you wait
And then he takes your dough
But when you get pneumonia
Or cancer of the spleen
I tell you, boys,
I'm really glad they know
The way the body works
It suffers scrapes and breaks
And sprains and various abuses
It fixes every one of them
No excuses
And under certain circumstances
Even reproduces
The body works...
The body works...yeah yeah
It survives Chicago winters
And Los Angeles air
And chews a tuna sandwich on request
It lives on Coca Cola
And does its own repair
I tell you, boys,
I really am impressed
The way the body works
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