Big Fish

© 2001Neal Gladstone

What the hell is going on here?
Don't those people know who I am?
I go down to California
Nobody (down there) gives a damn
No one wants to take my picture
No one wants my autograph
I tell people that I'm famous
They just look a me and laugh
Now my big dream been stepped on
Like a bad line in a love song
I was a big fish in a little pond
Now I'm a minnow in the ocean
I call this guy who owns a night club
I ask what it takes to get us in
I say we’ll play for cheap just to get started
He tells me we have to pay HIM
Everybody wants to make a million
Everybody wants to be a star
Everybody knows somebody’s cousin
Everybody’s cousin plays guitar
Why would anybody want to live there?
The air is green and smells like old cigars
There’s a million people on the freeways
Who can't find a place to park their cars
There's not a tree on the horizon
Just an endless sea of neon and cement
Good luck finding an apartment
Good luck trying to pay the rent
We’re just trying to keep our dreams together
We’re just doing the best that we can do
When someone tells you they’ve got all the answers
Chances are they haven’t got a clue
Some people/Sometimes I have to learn the hard way
Sometimes the truth is hard to find
But as I look around this crazy world/I’ve been around awhile/the world and let me tell ya
This little pond looks better all the time


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