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Mr. August

©2004 Neal Gladstone

My mama raised me modest, virtuous and true 
I never meant to cause her any grief
And so I’m loathe to mention
That despite her best intention
I seem to have turned over a new leaf

I’m Mr. August baring it all    
Hung in your kitchen and tacked to your wall
Ain’t it sublime cause hey baby I’m Mr. August  

I have to admit it I look pretty swell
Out in the garden au naturel
Did anyone bring a little sun screen for Mr. August

I got a little bit nervous when I was pressed into service so late in the year
That so much exposure might impair my composure
And put a crimp in my career

I might look happy but you’d be surprised
There’s a piano crushing my thighs
88 keys putting the squeeze on Mr. August

You know It’s hard to perform when you can’t get warm 
And you’re wearin’ the bare essentials
But you brought me luck when you put me up
And unleashed my potential

We knew when this started that it couldn’t last
Soon Mr. A will slip into the past
It’s nearly time to say goodbye to Mr. August

Now days grow shorter and sweet summer fades
So blow me a kiss and flip up my page
We had a good run I hope you had fun with Mr. August
You can be sure I’ll always be your Mr. August
... doesn't time just fly.....

Mr. August
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