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Honey Maker

©1986 Neal Gladstone

Honey maker won't you be my baker
Toast me golden brown
I've been risin, need some supervisin
Please don't turn me down

She said Whoa, you best forget your plan
You're not my kind of man
Now get out while you can

Lovely creature won't you be my teacher
We could PhD
I've been yearnin for the higher learnin
You could give to me

She said Whoa now why don't you get smart
We're much too far apart
And I'll just break your heart
     (he likes jam and she likes jelly
     he like Keats and she likes Shelley
     he likes fall and she likes summer)

Sweet musician
Give me an audition
Don’t be so unkind
I will write you something to delight you
And help you change your mind

She said Whoa now let's get one thing clear
Your love's not wanted here
Why don't you disappear
     (he likes blue and she likes yellow
     he plays pool and she plays cello
     he likes fall and she likes summer
     he likes warm and she likes chilly
     he likes smart and she likes silly
     he likes fall and she likes summer...)

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