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Blues Dilemma

©2008 Neal Gladstone

I’m a blues singer baby and as you might expect
I tend to be dejected and my love life is a wreck 
This unfortunate condition is the price of my success
Cause my fans are only happy as long as I’m depressed
O Baby, you know what I mean
I’m the every-single-song-someone-done-me-wrong queen
Now I get mighty tired of always feelin blue
I wonder what it be like to try out something new
But the game of fame and fortune it keeps me in a jam
In fact the worse I feel the more popular I am
Oh baby, it’s the same routine
I’m the every-single-song-someone-done-me-wrong queen

Now Charlie was a boozer And Michael was a cheat
Leroy took my money  And Jake died in his sleep
Buddy was a liar  And Clarence was a jerk
Rafael was phobic --  He was terrified of work

I went to see a doctor to get me back on track
He said I needed treatment and put me on Prozac
A thousand dollars later I gained a little ground
But as soon as I felt better my record sales went down
Oh baby, where's my nicotine
I’m the every-single-song-someone-done-me-wrong queen

Now Eddie was a baby  And Johnny loved cocaine
Jay was way too kinky  And Bobby went insane
Dave was pretty normal But he got hit by a truck
Michael drowned in Puget Sound   And Frank ran off with Chuck

Well, I tore up my prescription and drank a couple beers
And wrote a million seller that had everyone in tears
My dreams of love and romance have all gone up in smoke
But I’d rather be in misery than satisfied and broke
Oh baby, call my limosine
I’m the every-single-song-someone-done-me-wrong queen

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