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Bed Time

©2005 Neal Gladstone

It’s bed time it’s bed time
Rest my weary head time
Time to claim my little piece of paradise
I close my eyes and make my reservation
For passage to an unknown destination
Don’t wait up for me
You know where I’ll be.... sleeping

It’s sleep time it’s sleep time
Secrets of the deep time
Time to sink delicious into emptiness
A thousand velvet tentacles embrace me
Their saffron scented chemicals erase me
Kindly close the door I’m not here anymore
I'm sleeping

The players paint their faces on
The maestro flashes his baton
A dark and swirling overture surrounds me  
Past and future intertwine
Numbers taste and colors rhyme
Spirits peer from shadows all around me

It’s dream time it’s dream time  
Gently down the stream time
Time to watch my reason slowly drift away
I tumble through a distant sacred ocean
I shatter into crystals of devotion
Now I understand I dream therefore I am sleeping

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