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99 Pounds of Louisiana Woman

© 1994 Neal Gladstone

Well she's 99 pounds of Lousiana woman
And a hundred pounds of love
She's 59 inches of fire hot kisses
And I swear by the stars above
Louisiana woman-she's gone and done a number on me
A number on me.
Well I was--sittin in a singles bar
Workin on a Lone Star
Listenin to a sad guitar
When she came cruisin through
I give her a double take
She hit me like and earth quake
Oh Lord, what's a poor boy to do when you got
In her 501 blues
And her shrink to fit attitude
She was mighty bad news
For a two time loser like me
I was a little confused
So I slung me a platitude
Well 99 pounds can hit ya like a ton
When it's fired from the eyes of a Louisiana woman
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